Todd Warner - Curriculum vitae

Lives on a farm. Plays with computers. Writes stuff. —of the agrarian literati digerati

Writings and Publications

Technical documentation - General IT

taw00. 2017. "ProtonMail CSS theme adjustment: Monospace and Higher Contrast Email Text." protonmail-theme-mono-contrast.css. Gist. Github.

taw00. 2018. "Todd's HowTo Emporium." howto. Github.
⸻ "HowTo Configure FirewallD and Fail2Ban for Linux"
⸻ "HowTo Configure "send-only" Email via a 3rd Party SMTP Relay for Linux"
⸻ "HowTo Configure Swap with a Swap File for a Linux System"
⸻ "HowTo Create and Use SSH Keys on Linux"
⸻ "HowTo Do Fun Things with SSH Tunnels"
⸻ "HowTo Improve SSD Write & Delete Performance for Linux Systems by Enabling ATA TRIM"
⸻ "HowTo Rotate Log Files on a Linux System"
⸻ "HowTo Run Applications from a USB Drive on Linux"

⸻ "Schedule a Nightly YUM or DNF Downloud of RPM Packages After Hours"
⸻ "HowTo Schedule Cron Jobs to Run at Random Intervals"
⸻ "HowTo Setup a Local YUM/DNF RPM Repository"
⸻ "HowTo Do Miscellaneous Useful Things!" A catch-all.

Technical documentation - Dash Cryptocurrency

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Prose - Journalistic and Op-Ed - Dash Force News

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